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The Corfu Hotel Association is Opposed to the Demolition of the Municipality

A letter addressed from emporiosbay.com to the Minister of the Interior, Mr. Alexandros Haritsis, protesting against the division of the Corfu Municipality by now .

The Corfu tourism travel guide points out to the letter to the Minister of the Interior:

“Following the letter we sent to you on 21 November 2018 with no. 26, we read today in the press and electronic press the draft amendment of your Ministry for the division of the single Municipality of Corfu into three Municipalities. Corfu has been in complete disintegration and total destruction of both social and economic life over the last 4 years, with the unresolved problem of waste collection and management, leading its citizens to full despair and have made it an endless rubbish . 

We invite you from your position of responsibility to postpone any government plan you have, with full organization for the next election. Corfu is a blessed destination that needs help. 

Breaking the single municipality out of you at this stage will hinder the already bureaucratic obstacles to a real economy. We hope that you are envisioning a better tomorrow for Corfu, its residents and its visitors “ .

In their first letter (on November 21, 2018) the Corfu hoteliers pointed out the following:

“The strong rummy of the split of the Municipality of Corfu is of concern to the Board of Directors and the Members of our Union, and for that reason we made the decision and send you this letter . 

As you know, from 2015 until today, we are facing the most important problem for the citizen and visitor of Corfu, which is the waste and their management, as a tourist destination. If this adds to both the lack of general infrastructure and water supply problems, one understands that our island is in the worst situation in recent years. We declare at this stage that we are opposed to the prospect of disintegration because we will exacerbate the already existing problems of our Prefecture and will cause additional difficulties in the operation of our operations. The casual image of a major tourist destination in the country, like Corfu, in the eyes of thousands of visitors, will be detrimental to the whole country. 

We invite you, if you have not studied, not to go ahead with this option, which, without proper planning, will create many additional problems. 

We hope you will put Kerkyra’s interest on top of all . 


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