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Chios is a top destinations to travel alone for family and single travelers alike, for those who seek history and culture and for those who simply want to experience Greece.

Chios is the island of Homer, luxurious vegetation and mastic gum.

The capital of Chios called Chora, lies on the eastern coast, just off the Turkish mainland.

What is worth seeing–Chios Town:

  • Chios castle, built in the 10th century AD, where you can also see the tomb of Kara Ali who was responsible for the massacre of 1822.
  • The Korais Library, one of the biggest in Greece with 95,000 books.
  • The Gallery bequeathed by Filippos Argientis
  • The Kambos area.
  • Chios Archaeological Museum.
  • The Byzantium.
  • The National and Popular Museum.
  • The Justinian Centre.

Emporios is a small, leeward harbour in the South – Eastern end of Chios popular for its superb beaches of “Black Bay” and “Foki”. Totally black pebbles and black sand which emerged from the currently inactive volcano of “Psarona” cover the two uniquely- beautiful beaches and the first sight of them enchants the visitors.

Here, as the sun sets, painting the sky with fiery colours, you will discover another side of yourself,
the one that life in the city can hide very well.

For those who love sandy beaches, there is Komi nearly (only two kilometres away from Emporios) which provides one of the most beautiful sandy beaches of the island plus facilities and good service from the restaurants, coffee shops and bars for your entertainment any time of the day and night.

Emporios lies in the area of southern Chios< best known as Mastichochoria(mastic Villages), because they are the only place of the world where natural mastic is been produced. Mastic is used to make large number of products, including chewing gum and pharmaceuticals.
The guests can really experience the culture of villagers and local people. They are all friendly and there are many night folklore festivals which are organized during the summer.